Beyond Tribe Initiative IRPN

The BEYOND TRIBE project is an effort of Inter-Regional Peace Network and collaborators such us the national government, county governments , and other likeminded partners within and outside the country. It is designed to using the strongest societal problem-solving strategies such as education, workshops and advocacy, sensitization and awareness campaign programmes to reach out, mobilize, re-orientate and build the capacity of youth in and out of schools on the ethics and rudiments of peace, mindfulness, good leadership and non-violence, emphasizing on the need for them to be fully involved in the entire process of actualization of this goal in the selected volatile counties in Kenya.

The overall goal of the proposed project is to change the trend that often makes Nairobi,Nakuru,Kisumu,UasinGishu,Mombasa,Kericho,Kisii,Migori,Homabay,Kakamega,Machakos,Nyeri,Busia county communities among others become battlefields for violence during elections, through peace education and intensive leadership training interventions, where youth are rather than empowered to promote peace and non-violence, support successful, and or be part of transparent and credible leadership formation, are hired and armed to commit crimes and violent conflicts.

The project intends building young people within the coverage area: Listed counties, which have been known to be serious crisis flashpoint in the whole Country into Ambassadors of positive change working with youth in their homes, schools and communities to shun violence, refuse to be influenced and used for any form of conflict, but insist on being agents of peace, good governance and better societies.

The objectives:

-To sensitize and increase the capacity of 6000 youth in peace building and leadership development projects in each of the project counties.

-To educate them on their roles and rights to fully participate in democratic governance and assist them to achieve same.

-To offer them life-skill training in the areas of human rights, drug free habit, study technology, the way to happiness, the problems of work, self analysis, time and financial management and other personal development trainings.

-To develop these youths into change ambassadors, working to step down to them the message of peaceful co-existence, forgiveness, mindfulness to others and supporting good leadership.

-And to advocate for creation of policies that encourage widespread involvement of youth in the process of peace building and democratic governance.

Violence Warning Indicators

Indicators that the forthcoming elections will be marred by violence and regarded as illegitimate by most Kenyans are:

  • Continued failure by the IEBC to meet critical deadlines to administer the elections.

  • Outbreaks of sporadic violence as election campaigns ramp up. 

  • Formation of local militias supported by local political leaders.

  • Renewal of hate speech, especially by politicians.

  • Attempted acts of terrorism to disrupt the election. 

Heightened tensions between the Kenyan government and the opposition


To attain an effective level of democratic governance, which true ethics and values of transparency, accountability, equity, responsiveness, participation, justice, the rule of law consensus on ethical value reorientation in the policy structure of Kenya, the need to educate the youth and other populace on the value of peaceful co-existence, mindfulness, love and good leadership is very paramount. And to achieve this, it is much more important to invest in projects focusing on developing and re-engaging youth potentials to non-violent ventures that make them equal to the task of participating in all processes of change and peace building. This will be through workshops, training; media exchange programs and advocacies, which the present IRPN change the youth for peaceful 2017 elections in Kenya is designed to achieve in cooperation with other likeminded organizations and donor agencies.

IRPN aims to unify the Nation in the months leading to the general election with the beyond tribe initiative