Through mentorship events IRPN aims to connect new and emerging peacebuilding practitioners and evaluators with experienced peacebuilding practitioners and evaluators who will provide guidance and also nature young minds (In Schools and learning institutions across the country against radicalization and violent extremism)

Other Events that have been run by IRPN


This is an initiative of Inter-Regional Peace Network to stop Negative ethnicity and will be ongoing for the duration of the leading up to the election to sensitize the masses on effects of Negative ethnicity and to bring the country together

From right top the leadership of the directorate of KU students’ mentorship Prof. Kimani, the ED IRPN, Prof Mwaniki, IRPN chairman and the Dr.  Ndambuki all of KU pose for a photo at the university during a meeting to discuss the coming the IRPN planned mentorship and peace forum at the university later this month.


IRPN ED and Chairman in a radio interview at ECN radio. Hosted by Vivian Ndegwa in extreme breakfast show