Drugs and alcohol abuse

Drug abuse is one of the top problems confronting the nation today especially among the youth. Incidences of drug and alcohol abuse and related anti-social behaviour have tremendously increased in recent years. This has become a matter of concern to the government, parents, teachers, Non-governmental organisations and all other relevant agencies. As IRPN we aim to engage the communities we operate in to sensitize and provide counselling and also help local governments to stem out illicit dangerous brew dens.

Drug Addiction in Kenya

Drug addiction is a complex disease. It is a chronic, relapsing brain disease and involves a combination of ecological, physiological and historical factors. It is not voluntary behavior and is often a fatal illness.

Addiction treatment and rehabilitation in Kenya is largely a private sector and NGO affair dating back to 1978. Treatment and rehabilitation centers are few, operate in a policy vacuum and are expensive for the majority of Kenyans. IRPN as an NGO aims to offer rehabillitation in the communities and offer programs and seminars to sensitize youth on the dangers of drugs by visiting schools and religious institutions and offering training.


  • Create awareness about hard drugs and available treatment and rehabilitation services.
  • Use Schools and religious institutions are excellent avenues for information dissemination.
  • Engage the government on strategies to combat drugs abuse and assist drug addicts in getting rehabilitation