Inter-Regional Peace Network (IRPN) is a National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established in 2014 to improve the capacity of members, individuals and networks into active participants in their quest to bring about knowledge in service delivery through activities and principles of Democracy, Good governance and Accountability.

The organisation will develop mechanisms to improve flow of information and knowledge to the members, individuals and organisations in terms of technical and managerial skills so that they participate as equal partners in the decision-making and control of resources in the respective community.

It will in addition conduct outreach study and research programmes that assess needs to fasten the achievement of the goals of members, individuals and organisations especially in the grass root areas; and design appropriate intervention of human rights, civic education, political party participation and socio – economic – political development in the rural communities as demand responsibility from the elected leaders.

Lastly, it will develop capacity building programmes to empower members and individuals in line with the assessed needs for each member organisation

IRPN will enable the community to demand for service delivery through agreeable media which educate the community and make the elected leaders and other stakeholders such as the media accountable to the community

Mission and Vision of IRPN


To raise the voices of the citizens in the democratic governance in Kenya through empowerment of citizens and strengthening of individual , civic organisations’ capacity and other stakeholders to demand political accountability.

IRPN’s role is to work with the democratic and accountability development stakeholders namely the community leaders, CSOs and other partners to advocate for the rights of citizens and to raise resources and awareness to address their basic needs of civic education, service delivery, and political awareness. In pursuit of this mission, IRPN shall be guided by and work to promote and protect these core principles of constitutionalism, rule of law; frugal public management, economic empowerment, equity and justice at all times.



In line with the National Vision which is a ‘Peace Love and Unity IRPN believes that there should be participation by all Kenyans and this requires commitment, voluntarism and diligent dedication.

Inter-Regional Peace Network (IRPN) is a National Non-Government Organization (NGO) governance watchdog and public policy lobby committed to work for the improvement of the quality of governance in the country and provision of quality technical and advisory services; with the promotion and protection of constitutionalism, good governance and democratic development of the country as is overriding goal



Fredrick Ogweno

Executive Director

Mr. Ogweno is an accomplished communications expert with a vast experience in organizational communication and public relations. He has previously worked with the African Federation for the Gifted and Talented, which is an affiliate of the world talent body, World Council for the Gifted and Talented Children. He also worked as a Managing Director of Kings Merchants (K) Limited for a period of three years.


Kennedy Oyoo

Chairman of the Board of Governors

Mr Oyoo is a Certified Public Accountant and a graduate of Kenyatta University. He has a vast experience in accountancy and financial management. He has worked as a consultant in accountancy with different organizations for the last four years. He serves as the chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Financial Officer of Kings Merchants (K) Limited.


Joel Odidi

Administrative Director


Nick Ogutu

Nick Ogutu is a Columbia university trained human rights activist and social worker. His Master’s degree research was on Migration and refugee issues in USA. He is a long time member of Amnesty International, where he served as the president of Amnesty International Columbia University chapter and has organized several peace and justice rallies on human rights violations in Ethiopia , Kenya ,Sudan and Burundi. A widely traveled man, and a fierce advocate for black immigrants, he has given speeches in different colleges and talk shows on people of African descent. He is currently working on his memoir.